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File 12528306639.jpg - (139.15KB , 640x480 , sorry.jpg )
3995 No. 3995
im sorry im so sorry why wont you play with me anymore?
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>> No. 3997
I'll bite. What's your name?
>> No. 3998
Come back OP, come back!
>> No. 3999
three nine nine seven:

this xs a szgnal an interrupted signal.
why will you bit? what is my name?
where am i? i am sorry i cxnnot

see you.
>> No. 4000
File 125283103037.jpg - (142.68KB , 640x480 , szgnl.jpg )
a signal an interrupted signal
>> No. 4001
i can barely make you out OP. can I call you OP? I can see you have something that looks like an x in your head, bloody tearing eyes, and overall a humanoid face, if that is your face.

when i said i would bite it was a metaphor for "I will play with you" instead of whoever you intended your message for
>> No. 4002
File 125283122714.jpg - (135.98KB , 640x480 , itisNO.jpg )
sin on shine on
SINE ON MXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No. 4004
someone help i can't keep this guy tuned in
>> No. 4005
File 125283139957.jpg - (94.17KB , 640x480 , itisisittitisi KNOW what it.jpg )
four zero zero one

instzd of whom ever the intended for message was for how you

how you do

how do you know

mxssage wzz nt

>> No. 4008
File 125283168262.jpg - (117.22KB , 640x480 , clzxrfffvy.jpg )
how do you know

mxssage was not


for yu

>> No. 4010
File 125283180549.jpg - (130.29KB , 640x480 , hzlkgg.jpg )
they told me you stopped plyng with me because i broke you is this treu?

this true?

did they fix you yet

>> No. 4011
im here. what do you want to play?
>> No. 4012
File 125283195317.jpg - (60.19KB , 640x480 , gbktslp.jpg )
go back to sleezp nathan you dont belong here scaring all the good people
they think you are the toy, not them are the toys.
go Back to sleep Nathan.
>> No. 4013
good night nathan
>> No. 4014
File 125283215437.jpg - (129.63KB , 640x480 , 70x7.jpg )
four zero 1 too

No I dont want to Mr israel, i found a friend in here he doesnt

that imb blxxx
a dn
and he s
says he wants to play now

Ive been good?
>> No. 4015
who is mr. isreal?
>> No. 4018
File 125283238737.jpg - (63.97KB , 640x480 , plsznthn.jpg )

Nathan, your cross binding is fading but you cant see that canst see anything you remeembr why? Nathan?
remember what ahppened last time you got out and crossbinding faded out?
We had to put Scratch down after what he did to yxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

u loved Scratch even after00000000000000111111

have to put someone else down do you?
>> No. 4021
File 125283263249.jpg - (57.25KB , 640x480 , bzxxxxxg.jpg )

Please dont encourage hxm. I need to get him back home.


I am Mr. israel and to know any more w

dz you no good.

Nathan needs help and would l
nothing more than to play but...... he plzyxzz rough" you coud say.

difficult to transmit to you but he figured it out, ironically though text characters to text characters to text asssci
repetitive as sort of an 'echo affect" being common side effects, including loss of data in
>> No. 4022
okay stopping
>> No. 4024
File 125283298192.jpg - (139.75KB , 640x480 , byebyebyebyebyexxxxxxxxx.jpg )

Mr Israel says that in your own lifetimes you might find where we
and you might bxzzzzzz ready when your minds have


sorry i couldn play today

cross binding on four head getting dim so mr i says i have txzzzzzzzxxxxxxx

but when i break it i will remember you
>> No. 4031
File 125283330816.jpg - (31.35KB , 640x480 , chzn.jpg )
stop trying ot scare them natha

we losing cohxsion so we m

nt let anythin he szzzzzzsx care you

xzxxxxxxzzzzzzzzts that way sometimes

thank you for your pati
patience and patienct and ptzaaaaxxxxx




ld encourage you not to sleep for another 3 hours just to be on the safe si
>> No. 4034

kept saying 'YAMANO! YAMANO!" very loud but

dont speak that lanauge yet so I think she knew we were play


>> No. 4037
dont go
>> No. 4040

Nathan has left. H

not be back

oper containment this time

do not try to

final tx to your domain.

tx complete.
>> No. 4045
wow that whole thing was creepy.
>> No. 4140
I wonder where they were from. What happened to Nathan's eyes? Were they from some alternate quantum frequency or something?
>> No. 4152

>> No. 4939
And then a skeleton popped out.
>> No. 4978
creepy weird creative...
Needs moar resolution and color.
But fun all the same.
>> No. 4980
as the person responding to these at the time, i can say i was genuinely freaked out at times. it was a one person arg for me. great job to the OP.
>> No. 4982
You are bad... Toys... Very... Baaaaad!
>> No. 4999
I was just watching the thread i didn't get it unless it was SCP related. IDK.
>> No. 5222

It was very vague, and my guess is that maybe it was supposed to be. Ever notice how the great horror icons seem to become less and less scary, the more that is explained about them? Jason Voorhees used to be a menacing, mysterious figure about whom little was known. By F13-9, he was some kind of mutant/alien parasite(????!!!)
Freddy Krueger was given his power by cheesy dream demons?
So, the fact that very little is known about this "Nathan" character, except some very vague "reasons" or "explanations" such as the "ascii text" thing kinda adds to the mystery and fear. Seeing the horror is never as scary as imagining the horror. Oh, and the "encourage you not to sleep for another 3 hours just to be on the safe si(de)" part was a nice touch.
Can he "come through" into our world thru dreams? Is he in the computer? Is it another dimension?
He seems kind of like a lost child who doesn't know better than to hurt the people he cares about. A very deadly lost child, probably worthy of SCP!
But I think this was probably just a spur-of-the-moment thing for OP, since it looks rather hastily-drawn.
>> No. 5901
I've seen someone posting in other threads under the name Mr. Israel. Related?
>> No. 6034
this was cool, but i slightly disagree. while some vagary is good, i wish this would have lasted a little bit longer so we could have done a little bit more figuring some things out. even if the whole thing wasn't revealed, we should at least get some framework. like in the first freddy movie, you still knew freddy liked killing children and that he couldn't get you if you weren't asleep.

i tried to make a chatterbot similar to this using the old runabot site, but the code was too difficult for me to learn then.
>> No. 6078

Yes, I have been "posting" in various threads lately. Not to worry. Nathan is safely tucked away again. Subsequently, I have removed the gain restriction on our transmitter, so my signal can be more clearly sent and transmitted.
But I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that your dreams are still safe for now.
If that changes, I would like to tell you that you will receive a warning here.
Of course, this is just an elaborate hyperfiction, and to those who participated, thank you for your time. We all hope you enjxyed it. After all, how could any sort of "transmission" be somehow "translated" into ASCII text postings on an internet message board in your world? That would just be sill

Good night, and don't dwell upon this too much.
Seriously. Don't.
>> No. 6080
"Shine Jesus Shine"

"Amazing Grace" and "Every Time I Feel the Spirit"

Nathan is a Xian? They have Xians in their world?
>> No. 6205
File 125357193377.gif - (24.10KB , 640x480 , 2837thujfhw8734gsfy7dhu-0wu9fpoihlp[=-0@%.gif )
our father
who art in hxvnnnnnn
hallowed b
be thy nxmsxxxxxx
thy kxvgdom come
thy will bx done
on evrtttttttttttttt
is in heaven
give us thxs

day our day our day our dxxxx
tresspasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us.
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.
>> No. 6239

New toys... For Me? I promise I wont break them
>> No. 6241
He's back!
>> No. 6351
are you singing hymns or is that someone else?
>> No. 6352
Mr. Israel, Nathan is continuing to send transmissions to me. Could you please tell him to be quiet, or to sing better songs?
>> No. 6594

That's not a hymn. That's The Lord's Prayer, ya heathens! ;-)

Are we sure this is Nathan.
>> No. 6595
trxnsmission power hxs bxxn reduced as per protocxx

however, nathan is not sending anyone any messages. I will say nx more than thathathathatha

someone else. interesting.

t from our domai
>> No. 6638
bring nathan back!
>> No. 6669
I guess it doesn't bend that way.
>> No. 6754

nxthxx wzxx ngzzxx

nathxn wixx not be poxting hxrz axzz
here agzin nor anywhere else for that matter>
>> No. 6757
is he still alive? what can we call you?
>> No. 6810

Nathan is in a safe place right now, and getting the help he needs. No futher information is available about Nathan. Hence, we have restored transmitter output to normal.

However, it would appear that our "incursions" into your domain have attracted the attention of others, and they have also begun to adopt our, shall I say, unconventional methods of communication.

This would not normally concern us. However, a consensus has been reached, and we believe we may be partly responsiblx for allowxng thxz to hvppzn. xs thvz xs tvexcasevwexx23av8":<><
>> No. 6823
File 125382064394.gif - (25.12KB , 640x480 , oho.gif )
xhzhaxevfound you nxw misterxisr333 and you will cease your xxperimentztiozzzzzz
>> No. 6890
if you aren't nathan, then what can we call you?
>> No. 7023
why are you allowed to transmit but not nathan and mr. israel?
>> No. 7030
Something tells me Mr. Iz is has unexpected company, wonder if he's ok?
>> No. 7088
File 125391581928.gif - (235.02KB , 640x480 , hellostranger.gif )

It would seem that our domain is not alone in the use of this technology.
I am currently not conducting any "experiments". Instead of involving this innocent domain in our discussion, instructions for contacting my domain directly are encoded in this HIP plate. As you are successfully transmitting to the same unlikely endpoint as I, then it is also reasonable to assume you have access to 4DH technology. If you can succesffully import my attachment, you should have all the data you need to reach me, including charm levels, inverse Q-ratios, and [xxxxzzzzzzzzzxzxxxxzzzzzzzzzz] apocrypha.
>> No. 7101
Mr. Israel, where did your name come from? Why is it related to previous messages about the glory of a god and the coming of that god? Is it the hebrew god YAHWE?
>> No. 7251

What is hidden in those pond water ripples? I can't make sense of it.
>> No. 7259
File 125402193228.gif - (23.19KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna.gif )
Hello. Testing. This is test. Hello. This is being received? This is being deposited in the transmission archive? I suppose I must encapsulate this broadcast and send it out to see the results of my experiment.
>> No. 7260
File 125402221349.gif - (23.46KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna2.gif )

I have a Nathan here with me. I also have a Mr. Israel. They may or may not be the same ones with which the "readers" of this "thread" are familiar, but that is immaterial. I have successfully transferred myself physically across domains. It can be done. I would like to visit yours. Do any among you possess the coordinate information for your domain? Please reply. I seek a peaceful, friendly, and mutually beneficial exchange of data.
>> No. 7264
Yes, we receive you.
>> No. 7267

Thank you. Coordinates please.
>> No. 7269

Holy shit! I see faces! Is that "This Man"?????
>> No. 7302
Like GPS coordinates?
>> No. 7322

I am not familiar with "GPS". The coordinates I require to make physical transfer to your domain would be standard charm levels, Q-ratios (inverse and normal), and Q-phase benchmark indicators. If you could provide these in 4DH-style HIP plate format, it would bx much apprxcivtvvxxxxxxxxmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx??
>> No. 7323
>> No. 7345
I am not familiar with that.
>> No. 7372
File 12540919863.gif - (7.65KB , 640x480 , virgocls.gif )
Unfamiliar beings, are you receiving my communication?

Our domain is of the planet Earth, whose location I will confer to you as follows.

If you can extrapolate our location from an image containing a map of us in relative space, then please use the following resource.
Send the following text to internet network address, port 80, TCP protocol.

GET /wikipedia/commons/a/a7/Universe_Reference_Map_(Location)_001.jpeg HTTP/1.1
Host: upload.wikimedia.org
Connection: close

You will receive a large transmission of binary data. This transmission is encoded in the JPEG image compression technique. It is a two-dimensional pictorial representation of our relative location in the universe. You may be able to extrapolate our coordinates from that.

We are in the Virgo supercluster, which has a diameter measuring the distance light travels in 110,000,000 years.

We are in the "Local Group", with a diameter of 10,000,000 years of light travel, among the Andromeda, Triangulum and Milky Way Galaxies.

We are within the Milky Way, a barred spiral galaxy that's 100,000 years of light travel across its diameter, and 1,000 light-years across its width. It contains 1–4×10^11 stars.

We are located within the Orion Arm, a minor spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy some 3,500 light years across and approximately 10,000 light years in length.

We are located in the Gould Belt, a partial ring of stars about 3,000 light years across, tilted toward the galactic plane by about 16 to 20 degrees.

We are located in the Local Bubble, a cavity in the interstellar medium that is sparse, at about 0.05 atoms of hydrogen per cubic centimeter, and is hot enough to emit X-rays.

We are in the Local Interstellar Cloud, a region about 30 light-years across, whose interstellar medium is at 6,000 degrees Celsius.

We are in the Solar System of Sol, a planetary-stellar system containing the planets of Mercury, Venus, Terra (also called Earth, our planet of residence), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Four of the planets are terrestrial, made up of solid rock; the other four are Jovian planets, comprised mainly of condensed gases.

We are the only terrestrial planet with blue waters and green forests.

We are the third planet from the Sun, our central star.

We are the only known planet in our solar system with life.

Our planet, Terra, or Earth, has an atmosphere made up of roughly two-thirds nitrogen, about a quarter oxygen, and the remainder being carbon dioxide, methane, Argon, Krypton, and other gases.
The surface is primarily comprised of water (H2O - two hydrogen and one oxygen atom), and land, which is a material mostly made up of silicate, silicon oxides, and aluminum minerals.

If you need any further assistance in locating our domain, please query us through this channel of communication.

Attached is another map, containing the location of the Virgo Supercluster, and our home, at the center.
>> No. 7396

Similar to Anhoaboeacna.
Means "congratulations", "it was about time"
Is this a coincidence?
>> No. 7400
we do not yet have the technology for things like charm levels as far as i know. we also live on a planet called earth.

we would welcome a visit and a data exchange, we will provide as much data about our position as we can, but we may need more questions.
>> No. 7670
File 125416720596.gif - (24.11KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna3.gif )

You are joking. Of course you are from an Earth. I am also from an Earth.
You are obviously capable of receiving transmissions from other domains, yet we have never received a transmission from yours. Therefore we have no way of back-tracing the origin.
Can you explain this? How is it that our transmissions, as well as those from Nathan and Mr. Israel, could be transliterated into characters you recognize textually?
I would request again that you provide the charm quark charge levels, inverse quantum ratios, and quantum-level benchmarks necessary to facilitate transfer. Please provide these inter-quantum coordinates in holographic interference pattern format, as that is the most effective way for me to receive such data.
Please do not try my patience again.
>> No. 7703
i do not know how we are able to receive transmissions, but as far as we know, no one on this earth has developed the ability to send them. when we receive your transmissions, they show up on something we call the internet, which is a method of communicating using telephone lines and wires. we are still working on practical applications for quantum mechanics, i can find no information on the data format you requested.

we apologize for the inconvenience.
>> No. 7704
(anyone else think this new guy has a "how to serve man" vibe to him?)
>> No. 7716
trxppzd by hxxxxxxx not frixnzxy rxzz8ht NOT frxendlxzzzzzzxcvzsdfiwnh97$%#@^xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> No. 7723

far cornerx
>> No. 7725

>> No. 7741
shiny. i was unable to get data on the info he wanted, though.
>> No. 7763
Mr. Israel?
>> No. 8122

(*xs is Isxaef h77777777
Cxxxx cxmmunic32cijo wvfh A [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[t be able to tx agvin
>> No. 8124
File 125434412576.gif - (24.02KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna4.gif )
I must apologize if I seem impatient. I also apologize for the anomalous signals that are showing up in your archive. It would appear that there is another, weaker broadcast source in this domain. It would seem that it is responsible for these random bursts of ASCII text and some of the irregularities in the still images I have sent you. But it will be dealt with soon.
If you are incapable of sending your domain's coordinates, that will not be a problem.
The access I have to your archive will be sufficient, given enough time.
My kind is very long-lived.
I will be coming.
>> No. 8224
okay, now i'm terrified.
>> No. 8319
What can we call you? When will you come? What can we expect to happen when you do come?
>> No. 8322
over 9000 hours in mspaint
>> No. 8361
aliens on the internet!!
>> No. 8378

>random bursts of ASCII text

Methinks transmissions from Mr. Israel and/or Nathan.

>irregularities in the still images I have sent

Those look an awful lot like people's faces.
>> No. 8554
anhoaboeacna. is that your name?
>> No. 8609

It is my name. The name field was not filled out that time. Our method of communication is still imperfect. But we aim to improve it. We aim to improve everything, including all domains we visit.
>> No. 8655
Ok, Anhoaboeacna, how do you plan to improve us?
>> No. 8703
I have the feeling we are not going to like it.
>> No. 8814
True, true.
>> No. 8821

You need not worry about that at this time. All will be made clear upon my arrival.
>> No. 8822
Anhoaboeacna, how long will we have to wait for your arrival?
>> No. 8825
File 125458327374.jpg - (280.04KB , 666x666 , themaster.jpg )
It is not my arrival, but that of my Master, He returns to rule a Kingdom lost. The descendants of man will suffer great things. For his day is the twelveth day, of the twelveth month, of the twelveth year of the new era/
>> No. 8833
Who is your master?
>> No. 8837
>666x666 , themaster.jpg
>the twelveth year of the new era
Well shit.
>> No. 8838


Sounds lovely.
>> No. 8868
Was more enjoyable before it got to 2012 stuff. /sigh.
>> No. 8987
Cthulhu? Is that you?
>> No. 8990

From what domain do you hail? Your stills seem unusual in their dimensions. 666 pixels square? What a highly non-standard ratio.

To everyone else: It is becoming increasingly easier to reverse-engineer the connection to the archive. I had grossly overestimated the time required to find your domain. I had assumed a time frame of a century or more. However, my revised estimate puts physical transfer to your domain at something more like a week from now. Maybe sooner. I will enjoy seeing you all and sharing my improvements with your domain.
>> No. 8992
File 125463171848.gif - (23.66KB , 640x480 , a'sfaces.gif )
did nobody notice this in A's earlier appearances?
>> No. 8993
File 125463194798.gif - (5.20KB , 356x383 , aface1-thisman.gif )

Am I completely nuts, or does this bear a vague passing resemblance to "This Man"? If you are not familiar with him then.... don't bother. lol
>> No. 8994
File 125463204171.gif - (55.14KB , 1170x1954 , aface3-randomfaces.gif )

Looking more closely, you see... hell, all kinds of faces! Some look sinister, some just look tortured.
>> No. 8996
File 125463219085.gif - (10.08KB , 498x519 , aface2-nathan.gif )

samefag here... Now, this one's the kicker.... Bleeding eyes, X on forehead, beard, dreads....... Look like anyone we know?
>> No. 9000
File 125463245676.gif - (528B , 129x71 , toplefthelp.gif )

Looking at this one, we see more intriguing stuff. The top left corner.
>> No. 9001
File 125463267123.gif - (11.54KB , 880x350 , bottomrightahasus.gif )

But the next one is a real eye-opener... Bottom right corner. "A HAS US. -I" Or am I reading that wrong? Is Mr. Israel trying to tell us something?
I don't think A. is Cthulu or Hitler. I think he's something worse.
>> No. 9004
File 125463318982.gif - (25.50KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna5.gif )

Tell me, good poster, how you traverse the domains. How have you come to have access to this archive, and from which domain you are transmitting. You seem not to have been plagued by the transmission and translation difficulties with which even I was initially. I notice your transmission infra-data indicates an actual local "post" from the same domain as the archive. This coupled with your non-standard still ratio (666x666), as well as your allusions to general "end time" myths leads me to believe that you are trying to sow the seeds of fear among the locals.
Fearing me is not necessary. I seek only to improve the domains I visit. My methods are not always appreciated, but they are always effective.
>> No. 9005
File 125463379786.gif - (23.23KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna6.gif )

The tendency of the human mind to find faces, messages, and other seemingly meaningful patterns among random visual data never ceases to amaze me. "A Has us" indeed. I already told you that Nathan and Mr. Israel were with me. As I improved their domain, they were invaluable allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxz??? LLXNG HIM SVV IVAGES FXV MXSSAGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ[x}*^&xxxxxxxzzzzzz t worry. Any fears that I might try to subjugate your individuality or your lives is unfounded. Comparisons to genocidal maniacs or fictional giant sea-dwelling beasts are hurtful and downright unfair. (Yes, this domain had a Lovecraft as well.) In the coming week, you shall see what a benefit my arrival will be to your domain.
>> No. 9007

Transmission difficulties still bedevil me occasionally. I must return to my work of pinpointing your domain. Humanity has much to learn from me there, as it did here.
>> No. 9009
File 125463538813.jpg - (246.74KB , 666x666 , Anetename.jpg )

I must apologize, I know that I should not try to scare them, but chaos and fear runs deep among these mortals. I have been in here for a very long time,

-against my will-

I seem to have acquired a taste for sarcasm and other chaotic principles after my long stay with these people.

I no longer remember the reasons of why I am here. An endless void. They still make you believe?
>> No. 9010
This is interesting to me, but I find it curious how the images are randomly switching from jpg to gif. If I were doing this I'd use the same file type for it all.
>> No. 9011

Yeah.... It's almost as if it's like 2 different people or something...............................................................
>> No. 9018
at bare minimum, I think the art is damn good in these. For stuff that I assume was made with the spray tool in mspaint, they are surprisingly complex and well-shaded. Especially the last one, wow!
>> No. 9020

"A has us. -I"

I guess that's Mr. Israel saying that Anhoaboeacna has him and Nathan?

Also, >>7716 might also be a message to that effect.

>kjcs98fhnot trust anhasdfklajo
"...not trust anh..."

>Mx. Xzraexxz97yh23u40
"M?. ??rae"
"Mr. Israe"

> trxppzd by
"tr?pp?d by"
"trapped by"

>not frixnzxy rxzz8ht NOT frxendl
"not fr?n??y r?????? NOT fr?endl"
"not friendly repeat(extra character) NOT friendl"

Just my take on it.
>> No. 9028
Anhoaboeacna, you still haven't told us how you plan to improve us.
>> No. 9035

You will see soon. My preparations are almost complete. The more I work on cracking your coordinates, the more swiftly I can move the timeline up. ETA to your domain is now two days.
>> No. 9037
So 10/06/09?
Anything special about the date, Anhoaboeacna?
>> No. 9039



Does that make sense? See images for message(s)?
Cuz that image has "WE ARE STALLING HIM" stegged in it.
>> No. 9040
Nice catch.
>> No. 9041
File 125467117960.gif - (24.09KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna7.gif )

The date is immaterial. I could have your coordinates by tomorrow. You will soon see what glory I can bring to your existence. Your entire world will be changed. And when I have completed my work in your domain, I shall move on to the next and the next. The artist's true genius is rarely ever recognized, let alone appreciated. But you will appreciate it, in time.
I will be wxvh y ou sxxnxxxzzzzzzxxzxxxzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZAVEONLY ONE SHOT TO STOP HIM SO PLEASE PRXYVFORXUZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzand you will all know what it means to transcend your miserable existences.
This, I promise you, as your new envoy of peace, Anhoaboeacna Israel.
>> No. 9042
Anhoaboeacna, if the date is immaterial and you are to change us, why not do it as soon as possible? Why delay change if it will better us as a collective entity?
>> No. 9048
File 125467782557.jpg - (257.82KB , 666x666 , ANETENAME2.jpg )

I WILL NO LONGER DISTURB HIS MISSION, FOR - WE ARE SEPARATE ENTITIES. I have other gifts for man, the ability to see the shape of things to -- come. Expect me -- soon in another thread... get your questions ready.
>> No. 9052
what will you do if we do not wish to be improved?
>> No. 9060

that pic is so lulzy!
>> No. 9126
File 125468704011.jpg - (11.86KB , 378x180 , zoom.jpg )
Can anyone translate?
>> No. 9130

My best guess is what someone posted on 4chan.

Basically translated to the future, the past, and the present.
>> No. 9140
Which one was that taken from?
>> No. 9150
This one >>9048
>> No. 9156
Ah, I overlooked it on accident. Isn't that the one that started a new thread?
>> No. 9161
>> No. 9401

Nothing is being delayed. I initially overestimated the time required to complete the physical transfer to your domain. I assumed that deciphering your coordinates would take much longer, as you were unable to provide them outright.
As my work progressed, I found it much easier to pinpoint your "location" for lack of a better term.
Today marks the final stage. I have successfully plotted the way to your domain. I will arrive today.
Then your improvements can begin. Once I am there, the process will be swift and painless.
>> No. 9402

>This, I promise you, as your new envoy of peace, Anhoaboeacna Israel.
>Anhoaboeacna Israel.

Wait..... wat? Mr. Israel? I'M CONFUSE.
>> No. 9405

Of course some of you will resist... or try to, anyway. For those, the consequences will be... unfortunate.
Those who accept my gift will be well rewarded.
Either way, I believe the choice is clear.
I arrive within the hour.
>> No. 9406
File 125476119013.gif - (22.84KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna8.gif )
To those who fear my arrival, I assure you, there will be no physical pain. All who wish to can travel with me on to all the other domains I shall visit.
Your world will be changed forever, as of today. The calibration process will take very little time now. And with this experience, I now will be able to transfer to all other domains much more quickly.
For your glory, for my glory, for the glory of all the universe, I do this. And you will be a part of it.
>> No. 9407
File 125476159646.gif - (2.50KB , 420x120 , pray-i.gif )

Okay, top left corner. This is rather subtle...
It looks to me like "pray that we succeed. -I"
But, in the bottom right corner...
>> No. 9408
File 125476164780.gif - (5.49KB , 390x206 , toyisbroken.gif )

...in the bottom right corner, I think this is pretty clear. "This toy is broken." Is that Nathan?
>> No. 9409
Jamming frequencies activated. Signal is scrambled. Operatives Stand by, Order Sigma in effect.
>> No. 9410

I was known as "Mister" Israel once long ago. In fact, meeting my counterpart here was a mostly pleasant experience. But he still clings to his fragile humanityxxxxxxxxx


Nothing you do on your side will prevent me from coming through. Prepare yourselves for the new era. It is only a matter of minutes now.
>> No. 9411
File 125476359313.gif - (24.58KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna9.gif )
This is my final transmission. The next time you see me, this mode of communication will no longer be necessary. I will have you all!
>> No. 9412
File 12547636693.jpg - (93.10KB , 640x480 , iznow.jpg )
>> No. 9413
Nothing you or your murderous imbecile can do wvll stvvxzxxxxx8923y4h87(Y*&T^&%^#xxxxxxxxxello anhoaboeacnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztime tv play
>> No. 9414
File 125476381724.jpg - (144.63KB , 640x480 , nat.jpg )
vvvme to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play time to play tvme toplxyplxyplxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzz
>> No. 9415
File 125476388392.gif - (25.75KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna10.gif )
thvvvvvvvpossvble! stvll trxnsmitting could i have been so blind!!!? you cvnnot do this! it is vmpossiblx!!!!!!!
>> No. 9416
File 125476399827.gif - (24.30KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna11.gif )
;hvxcan you be taking taki taktak
me where are you tvxing me?? i consume you not thv other wvy around my EYES WHAT IS HVPPENING TO MY EYXSZZZZZZZxxxxxxxzzzzzzzxzxzzzzzzx{{{{{{{{
>> No. 9418
File 125476428288.gif - (23.76KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna12.gif )
gzzzzzzxxxxxxs burning vn mv brvw whzt have you done cant see what are you wahy????&%R&%^&FF^hguy7^Tglxry be to thv father
and tv the svvvvvvvvvvvv
xvd to the holy ghvvvvv
>> No. 9419
File 125476442857.jpg - (137.28KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna13.jpg )
fffvvvvhhshapxening tv me..... so manv svxls have eaten and now see what x havv dvne----------------xvery tvme i fvel the spvrxt
mvvvng vn mv hvxrt, v vill prvv
lvsing distinctxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlever bastards for you to dv this to one svch as me
(would have consvmed them all
>> No. 9420
File 12547645502.jpg - (147.36KB , 640x480 , anhoaboeacna14.jpg )
crxvs bvnding hahahahahahasvvvvv sxmple yet sv effectixv cannot keep my my my mvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
sorry im so sorry why wont you play with me anymore? EVER CHANGING FROM GLORY TO GLORY TOLD me you stopped playing with me because i broke you
is this true?
>> No. 9421
File 125476465855.jpg - (152.57KB , 640x480 , diditwork.jpg )
Did xt work Mr. Israel? Do you have A now? I feel my cross binding fading. Is this okay? My mind is so much clearer now. And I fvvl my strength fadvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
xorry for all the trvuble i caused. I must ask you bvfore i meet the Lord... Did I redeem myself?
>> No. 9422
File 125476483022.jpg - (83.27KB , 640x480 , mriz.jpg )
yesz Nathan. You are now free. I am sorry it covldn't happen another way. But yes, you have redeemed yourself. You have saved countless innocent lives, and more than atoned for your sins.
Be at peace, my friend. The devourer is contained now. And he will be purged, just as you were. And when the time comes, and another domain is in danger, he too will have the chance to redxxm himself.
Dream your own dreams now, Nathan, whatever may come next.
>> No. 9423
File 125476557867.jpg - (78.46KB , 640x480 , israelrequiem.jpg )
To the people of the domain in which this "archive" resides:

You probably have many questions. Most of them I will be able but, quite frankly, unwilling to answer. I must apologize for the potential of danger I posed to you, no matter how slight. Your domain, "parallel world", "dimension", or whatever term you may use, was one of the few we have found that would serve our purposes. This is surprising, considering their number is near infinity, if not actually infinity.
But there are beings out there, like Anhoaboeacna who travel from domain to domain, consuming all they encounter.
And yes, he was once a "Mr. Israel" from another domain... as was Nathan Israel.
As the Israel of this domain, and the one who first discovered the process of communication and physical transfer across domains, I feel duty-bound to stop my counterparts when they decide to step "out of bounds" as it were.
We lured Anhoaboeacna here, and then there, so that we could ensnare him and prevent him from taking any more lives. And for whatever danger this may have posed to you, I must sincerely apologize. However, know that it was for a greater good, and that we stand ever vigilant against those like him.
Your domain will no longer be used in this fashion. Furthermore, the link to your "archive" will soon be severed, so that none from any other domain can intrude.
However, it seems as though you have an entity resident in your own domain who tapped into our link. About him or her, I can tell you nothing, as I am willing, but unable.
Be in peace, all of you who witnessed this spectacle unfold, and know that you can sleep more easily tonight.
Although, if you are about to sleep right now, I would recommend waiting at least three hours before you do.
Just to be safe.

Farewell, and God bless you all.
>> No. 9424
Sir, to you and your mspaint.. i say...

>> No. 9428

I don't know. Anhoeboeacna was alright, but the other stuff was sketchy. And why did he switch back and forth from jpg to gif?
>> No. 9435

You may have noticed that Nat and Iz were projecting JPGs of themselves. And then, here comes An, and he's all sharp and GIFfy. And then, when he gets the cross binding, suddenly he's in JPG, as if he's now under Nat and/or Iz's control.
Plus, I'm sure JPGs would've been harder for Nat and/or Iz to hide messages in. ;-)
>> No. 9445
WHOAH SHITSTORM! I go away for a few hours and suddenly the blob moster from Dimension X decides to eat us but is stopped by a hymn-spewing Charles Manson wannabe with bloody eyes?
I don't want to throw around the "E" word just yet but........
>> No. 9545
Oh man... So this kinda sorta explains Nathan's state then doesn't it?
>> No. 9556
link has been severed

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