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File 125262688689.jpg - (2.12MB , 2592x1944 , 1243294824882.jpg )
3383 No. 3383
Hello everyone! I have a question for you all. Tonight, my room mate and I are going to play one man hide and seek; we have the doll, the rice, etc. The only thing we don't have that I was kind of hoping to use was sage - something to purify the apartment with beforehand. Do you guys have any suggestions for things we could do to make the playing field a bit safer? We're in New Orleans, so I'd rather not just charge ahead and do something like this without taking any protective measures. Any suggestions are welcome.
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>> No. 3386
>> No. 3390

bumping because we're about ten minutes from starting. Any last minute suggestions?
>> No. 3391
Should've posted that link in the first place.
I don't know any way to help you but maybe salt could come in handy?
>> No. 3393
File 125263006451.gif - (126.55KB , 240x183 , Exorcist.gif )
Please tell us you're going to record it? that would be awesome. uncut&unedited preferred. oh yeah maybe break all the rules to see what happens. I wouldn't. I'm too chicken to even think about it. Good luck.
>> No. 3399
Sounds creepy. Good luck. (:
>> No. 3407
Please tell me OP is still around... Bookmarking this thread.
>> No. 3409
I second that, record it.
>> No. 3412
Hey guys, we just finished the game. Good news is that we started recording it, bad news is that the camera battery died about three and a half minutes in. We're planning on doing another round on Halloween.

Anyway, it started well enough: we filled the doll with rice, sewed it up with the thread, named it Walter and put it in the tub. The TV signal faded out into static very briefly while it was our turn to hide, but it only lasted a few seconds...
>> No. 3414
Unfortunately this spooked the hell out of my room mate, who freaked out and turned on all the lights and refused to finish the game properly. I finished it out with the salt water etc. and came back to find the camera dead and everything in order.

Conclusion drawn here is that this could have been an epic night if the game hadn't been interrupted like it was. When I was walking into the dark bathroom with the knife drawn, I felt like I was about to shit a brick; after my eyes had adjusted to the darkness, I fleetingly thought I'd seen the silhouette of something standing in front of the shower curtain, but I'm going to err on the side of skepticism for this one. Either way, bricks were shat, the game got fucked up, and this will be a repeat venture with pictures and a full recording for the next time.

I'll probably end up getting someone else to play it with me, too. The atmosphere was kinda ruined by the girliness. =(
>> No. 3437
Hey, sorry for the needless bump, but I just got a phone call from my room mate's number.
While she was sitting next to me.
I looked at her cell and it was definitely not on the line with anyone.
Also, my phone had been on silent and somehow it'd been turned up to the highest volume. OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE /SANC/
>> No. 3441
Grab a camera and a friend and go find out.
>> No. 3444

bet you're gonna shit bricks when you find out
>> No. 3476
pics or it didnt happen.

just kidding. i really hope op comes back and lets us know what freakish thing they have released on New Orleans.
>> No. 3478
Pics of the doll to prove your attempts?
And by the way, this thread is so full of win.
>> No. 3479
this is something that I've never heard of before. props to SANCTUARY for being a condusive breeding ground for OC without the spam of 4chan's /x/! so far, i'm loving it! :D
>> No. 3481

this. heavily. I really do feel like i found a comfy little corner here. I love it.
>> No. 3485
Sounds to me to be a whole lot like the bloody mary rubbish.
>> No. 3486
Isn't it a tremendous freaking relief? It's like turning the clock back a year and a half.
>> No. 3490
no kidding, especially with the raid going on right now. I am so sick of girugamesh. really.
>> No. 3493
>> No. 3499
I really hope to see you return on Halloween with videos and images.
>> No. 3514
I tossed the doll. We went to a movie at midnight last night and I really, really didn't like the idea of having it sitting around the house after we'd fucked up the ritual. It might be (probably is) a load of bullshit, but bad energy is bad energy... although I will say that the movie theater I threw it away in is a town over, and I keep half-expecting to find the doll sitting on my dresser or something. Gaahh.

I guess I could take pics of the stuffing or something to prove we tried it, but nothing eventful really came out of this run so I'm really not sure it's worth it. I'm definitely going to try this again on Halloween, though, and with no mistakes this time. Just for you, /sanc/.
>> No. 3519
i want to try this soon also! i was thinking of trying it for my birthday on the 28th, but maybe i'll try halloween, too. it would be cool to get a bunch of /sanc/s to do it on the same night and compare our results.
>> No. 3551
Alright, I know I'm probably just being paranoid now, but I figured I might as well update while the thread's still (kind of) active.
I was in the library today and one of the sinks kept shutting off and on by itself. :<
About an hour later, I got this really weird text message from my friend. It said "They say Michael is the strongest angel", and I thought that was pretty random and figured she was doing a crossword puzzle or something, so I texted her back and asked her wtf that meant. I didn't get a reply until just now. She doesn't know what I'm talking about; she's been in class all day and swears she hasn't texted me anything, much less about angels. I even asked her to check her outbox just in case and she says there's nothing there. I haven't told her about the hide and seek thing, and she doesn't believe in the paranormal anyway (or know that I do) so I can't imagine why she'd prank me like this.

Nothing that can't be explained by a series of strangely timed coincidences, to be sure, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little weirded out by all of this.
>> No. 3553
Oh, and I meant the sinks in the library bathroom. Hurr.
>> No. 3556
Does your friend watch Supernatural on WB? She might be messing with you. last nights episode had to do with michael, and they said he was the strongest angel on there. :)
>> No. 3565
Don't worry, your friend is trolling you.
>> No. 3584
Te gladi vos gladia, trea nomine sancto, Michael, Albrot, Jehova Elico. Estote meum castellumque praesidium contra omnium hostes, conspicuusque nonconspiquus in quisque magiceum opum. Nomeno sancto Michael qui est in imperium magnum et is allio nomine, Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonay, Elohim, Occhi-Manuel, Primocue Ultimo, Sapientia, Via, Vita, Virto, Principio, Oso, Oratie, Luce, Splendoro, Sol, Fono, Mono, Gloria, Porte, Vite, Lape, Scipio, Sacredo, Pravo, Messiah, Gladi in omnium meum negotia regnas et in illos res quem me resistunt, vincite. Amen.
>> No. 3608
You should've burnt that doll OP. Your going to be followed.
>> No. 3611
You should have burnt me OP. I'm following you.
>> No. 3615
Off topc but what is the story behind OP's picture?
>> No. 3624
any more info on this? I am interested in trying this at some point myself. But the fallout from a failed attempt seems genuinely disturbing.
>> No. 3629
File 125277124733.jpg - (24.27KB , 468x456 , Harry Potter.jpg )

Yo blade, Y'all's blade, by your awesomeness, our shiznit Da Man on high, be my dawg against these nasty niggas. Hit 'em up with the power and stirke each muthafucker down, In the Lawd's name, The OG, yada yada yada, We's axe you Mickey, layer of vengance, old skool mofo, get my back, lay low those dis' me, knock'em the fuck out.

Just cause Latin works on Harry Potter, doesn't mean modern languages won't work here.
>> No. 3630

wut the hell, harry potter isnt paranormal.
>> No. 3649
that wasn't the point. anon seemed to be trying to say something about how you don't need a ceremonial language for magic, which i agree with, although i don't think i'd use ebonics either.
>> No. 3663
File 12527810574.jpg - (39.56KB , 250x249 , Gangsta.jpg )

This. Exactly. You so get it. +1 internetz
>> No. 3683
Quote from the website you linked.

Please don't stop this ritual halfway. You must do it through to the end.
This is a dangerous ritual and I will not be responsible for what happens to you if you try.
>> No. 3684
Me again.
More from the same website:

*1 - the rice represents innards and also has the role of attracting spirits.
*2 - the crimson thread represents a blood vessel. It seals the spirit(s) up inside the doll.
*3 - by cutting the thread off, you break the seal and release the spirit(s) you have trapped.
*4 - if you go out of the hiding place without salt water, you might encounter "something wandering around" in your house which might harm you in some way. Apparently the way to feel the presence of the "something wandering around" is to watch "what happens to the TV."

Shit bro, not good.
>> No. 3687
4 is what you should have taken note of.
Oh, and some more:

+Don't go out of the house until you have done the finishing ritual.
+You must turn off all lights.
+Keep quiet while hiding.
+You don't need to put the salt water in your mouth all the time. You only need to do it during the finishing ritual.
+Remember, if you are living with someone you might put them in danger too.
+Don't continue this ritual for more than one or two hours.
+For safety reasons, it might be best to keep all the doors in the house unlocked (including your front door) and have some friends close by so that they can come and help you at a moment's noice, if you ever need them. Keeping a mobile close at hand would be a good idea too.
>> No. 3692
Filing this under 'intensely creepy coincidence' for now (if I don't I think I'll end up locking myself in my bedroom with a crowbar and a tinfoil hat), but I found an enormous dead snake on the sidewalk in front of my apartment. It's at least a foot long and has what looks to be a single stab wound in its belly. I'm sure someone just got spooked and killed it with a stick or something, but it's a little odd because it's been raining all day and snakes don't usually do much when it's cold out. The brick shitting continues. :(
>> No. 3693
Also, for the record, I finished the ritual before we left the house (salt water, "I won" etc). What I think fucked it all up was me not drying the doll out and burning it to dispose of it, and having my room mate turn on the lights might've angered it since you could consider that cheating. Either way... yeah, bad news bears.
>> No. 3705
>my room mate and I are going to play one man hide and seek
>my room mate and I
>one man

good luck
>> No. 3716
Read the thread, brah.
>> No. 3770

no seriously. i know the ritual.

aren't you supposed to do it ALONE? I havent read it anywhere but I've gotten that distinct impression. sure they recommend you got friends close by to watch your back but that could mean like. next door
>> No. 3792
I don't think it really matters, to be honest. I read a trip report of it on a livejournal that involved two people playing and they had some good results. As long as nobody's keeping an eye on the doll/hiding with it/anything faggy like that, I don't think that'd affect anything.
>> No. 3807

well in your case you have already had a bad experience where your faggy friend lost her nerve. worst case scenario you repeat this on halloween and something malevolent and angry sets after you guys
>> No. 3815
True true. To be honest, it was my room mate who talked me into trying the game in the first place so the next time it happens, I'll be doing it alone just to keep that whole possibility out of it. I do think that things would've been fine with two people had everything been done properly, however.
>> No. 3830

oh ... THAT kind of person ... they're never any fun. "oh hey theres an abandoned house in the middle of the woods! we should go there!"

but when we had gone all the way over there and it appeared it was locked. locked and EASY to get open, he was like "no no man let's split. c'mon" because he chickened out. didn't want to wreck some abandoned property, hell the thing didn't have an unbroken window on it why would the front door matter?
>> No. 3843
dude, you're supposed to burn the doll and then throw it away... You didn't do that did you?
>> No. 3845
Yeah, and the worst is that you never really know which of your "badass" friends is gonna be That Guy. I'm an idiot for letting her talk me into something I didn't really want to mess with in the first place, though.
>> No. 3854
I would recommend you consider going back, finding the doll, then burning it.
>> No. 3859

trash containers get emptied.
the doll is gone
>> No. 3866
OP is totally fucked
unless he wants to go rummaging around trash HQ
>> No. 3869
>> No. 3934
so, are you planning a trip to trashland? i'm realy interested on this
>> No. 3943
it's all a mindset, latin works best for me for that prayer.
magic is in the mind of the performer
>> No. 3958
Burn some Wormwood
>> No. 3962
.lautir eht hsinif ton did ouy
.niaga uoy dnif tsum i
?knis eht htiw gniyalp em eciton uoy did
?ekans eht ekil uoy did
.kcab gnimoc ma i
.ydaer edalb ruoy evah
>> No. 3966

lojban is for fags
>> No. 3969
don't be like that
>> No. 3970

Get a mirror. hehe
>> No. 3984
File 125282880578.jpg - (148.69KB , 640x807 , angel.jpg )

This. True you can't argue with faith. If it makes it stronger for you by all means use it.

I have noticed that a mass in Latin does feel a little more holy.

P.S. OP is fucked unless they find that doll and do some sort of banishing/cleansing ritual.
>> No. 4101
File 125283951335.jpg - (104.67KB , 990x201 , fun-003.jpg )
>> No. 4116
Meh. Lojban written with Tengwar is the shit for sigils.
>> No. 4168
The trash would've been collected by now, so at this point I'm pretty much fucked. I guess even without the doll I could try some kind of banishing ritual but even then it's sort of up in the air.

Room mate suggested doing it again, and finishing it properly this time, but wouldn't that just call up a different spirit? It wouldn't make peace with this one. I'm not sure if anything can.
>> No. 4169
Isnt trash incinerated ~1/2 weeks after collection?
Food for thought.
>> No. 4170
You probably don't want to do it again. Try any cleansing / banishing ritual, see what happens.
>> No. 4175
File 125286440179.jpg - (96.25KB , 650x1004 , Murphy.jpg )

And don't forget to record it! Even if nothing happens, we'd still watch, if only just to see which ritual you went with. But really we just want to see if that goes wrong too.
>> No. 4178
Can't you try contacting the spirit you called out with a Ouija board, to see what he/she wants?
>> No. 4179
I'll record it, but if nothing happens then I probably won't post it.

I could, but that sounds like it might be inviting more shenanigans. I'll try the banishing ritual first and see what happens from there.

I'm getting really jumpy about this shit now. I bought a painfully cheap digital camera from CVS yesterday and was kinda dicking around with taking random pictures with it, and just now I transferred the photos to the computer to see how they turned out, and I almost shat a brick when I saw pictures on there that I hadn't taken. I think my manager was playing with the camera yesterday, but still. I need a valium. :(
>> No. 4182

Probably. I don't really know much about this kind of stuff. I'd get a priest in there!
>> No. 4397
pictures like what? can you post them?
>> No. 4403
I don't see why OP would hurry to retrieve the doll before incineration ... so that she could burn it.
>> No. 4414
bump!!!! I want to know more about the neurotic tendencies of OP
>> No. 4637

because it may just go to a landfill.
>> No. 4672

So it will be buried.
Do you guys seriously think that a posessed doll could do any kind of damage from underground, where it is slowly decomposing?
>> No. 4682

>> No. 4686

because no matter where it is, if it is possessed, it will show back up if not destroyed. it's the same movement that occurs when the ritual is performed, if it can move then, why couldn't it move from a landfill back to the house? if it IS possessed, it needs to be completely destroyed.
>> No. 4703

ability to move = strength to dig oneself up from the ground using puny stuffed toy arms
>> No. 4710
File 125295112553.jpg - (16.42KB , 450x326 , doll12345.jpg )

Nothing weird's happened. The more I think about it, the more I'm pretty sure that these things were just coincidences coming at a time where they'd be seen as something more. I'll update if something else *~*~*spoooooky*~*~* happens, but I kind of doubt it.
>> No. 4716
  Whatever you do, do NOT throw it in a box and burn it.
>> No. 4784
i kinda wanna try this but im too chicken shit to do it alone. also nice job OP you really caught my interest.
>> No. 4814
Nice find, Anon.

I do so luv how much the embed feature can enrich a post.
>> No. 4820
I love how the /x/ version of the 'delete system32 folder' is 'do NOT burn the ouija board/posessed object'.
>> No. 4851

why does it have to dig itself up physically? if it's truly possessed i think it would just do an instant transport thing.
>> No. 4864

Actually I read it too while researching this and it was some dumb kid who didn't do the ritual right or have anything happen.

They did the salt cleansing ritual on the doll after the first half of it, which would have removed the spirit by that point. Then they did it again, after trying to do the second half. They also just ran out for the second part when they were hiding, then basically ran back in and stopped it without waiting to be 'found.'

Sorry but I think they did a piss poor job of it and couldn't follow the basic guidelines. I don't know if it's wrong to have a friend with you or not, but the name would imply otherwise. Plus they did it with the girl's 300lb daddy snoring away in bed.


Oddly, however, the ritual itself sounds pretty feasible. I'm rather reluctant to try it myself.
>> No. 4866

Not a find... Most people know JoCo.

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